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TASKER STREETE has played leading roles in over three dozen film, stage and tv productions, including playing the character of Dwight Brewer on Neighbours. Most recently in 2015 he has appeared in four regional Australian TVC's for Focus on the Family. He has worked alongside artists such as Guy Pearce, Katie Holmes, Marcus Graham, Samara Weaving, Don Bridges and Marina Prior.

I've had many personal discussions with Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken on character development. Tasker is a person who not only understands acting, but continues to explore and use his imagination to push h
imself further and further into a character. He is an actor with original ideas, and truly fits the description that’s so loosely used today... an 'Actor’s Actor'.” Peter Kalos - Melbourne Actors Lab
He has won Best Actor awards at short film screenings and is regularly sought after by Independent Directors. 

He is the proud owner of a 1976 XB Fairmont 351 Cleveland (pictured above), which is gaining interest of film directors to hire on their sets, including this year's TV mini-series of MOLLY (the Molly Meldrum story).

Tasker's loyalty and commitment remain concrete in both his professional and personal life. Together, he and wife, Bronia have three children.



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